The ISDH has sent out another update to the school exclusion criteria for COVID-19. At this time, siblings and households members of individuals with COVID-19 symptoms do not automatically get excluded unless there is a significant concern for COVID-19. This is a nursing judgment call based on the reported and observed symptoms, responses to questions regarding contacts and travel, and other known information.
5 months ago, Paoli Schools
Weekly COVID-19 update for Friday, September 11, 2020
6 months ago, Paoli Schools
091120 Update
Weekly COVID-19 update from Superintendent Greg Walker.
6 months ago, Paoli Schools
September 4, 2020 update.
Each Friday, Superintendent Greg Walker will be providing a weekly update on COVID-19 and our school corporation. Please see the August 28, 2020 update below.
6 months ago, Paoli Schools
August 28 COVID Update
Parents -- please make sure you're regularly updating your contact information in Harmony so that we have the most up-to-date information when contacting you!
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